The term broadband refers to the wide bandwidth characteristics of a transmission medium and its ability to transport multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. The medium can be coaxial, optical fiber, twisted pair or wireless. In contrast, baseband, describes a communication system in which information is transported across a single channel.
Broadband internet:
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In 1997, the cable modem was introduced, although the common use of broadband didn't begin rising until 2001. Having a broadband connection enabled one to download significantly faster than on dial-up, and also have both voice and data simultaneously at significanly higher data speeds. Broad band or DSL continues to be a cost effective solution for homes and small users.

Ceecom Systems is channel partner for leading service providers such as Airtel and Tata and supports their customers by getting cost effective and more efficient broadband internet services according the customers requirement.
Prior to the invention of home broadband, dial-up Internet access was the only means by which one could access the Internet and download files such as songs, movies, e-mails, etc. It would take anywhere from 10–30 minutes to download one song (approximately 3.5 MB) and over 28 hours to download a movie (approximately 700 MB). Dial-up Internet was also considered very inconvenient as it would impair the use of the home/office telephone line as it supported only either voice or data at the same time, Thus during internet acess, voice acess was denied unless on had a second line.
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