ISDN PRI is the latest in telecom where voice is transmitted as digtal signals. The benefits of ISDN PRI are

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-Customer satisfaction
You need an ISDN PRI, if:
• Your monthly telecom expenditure is above Rs 5000/-
• You have more employees who need to use the phone.
• You cannot afford to miss incoming calls.
• You need to route the calls directly to departments/employees to prevent operator overload.
• You need to monitor and control telecom expenditure.
• Better call rates.
• Your customers will never get a busy tone as you will get 20/30 voice paths with every PRI line.
• Increased telecom efficiency in your organisation as a PRI line comes with upto 100 direct nos which can be allotted to your departments/employees.
• Advanced telecom features.- Important calls can be forwarded to your mobile so that you never miss critical calls.
• Low or near Zero entry cost.
• Monitor and control your telecom expenses.
• Depending on your tariff plan some service providers share or sponsor a digital PRI compatible EPABX free of cost.
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