The Audio Conference Bridge offers an excellent solution to enable users situated at different locations to interact in a conference mode, share information and make informed decisions. The application can use different trunks such as PRI or Analog Trunks or even SIP trunks. The suite comprises of two applications • Server • Web Console application for System administrator
* System administrator can schedule, view and control conference through the console application.
* Can control the conference by doing Mute/ Un-mute/ Disconnect / Redial participants from active conference.
* Can dial any other number (not registered with the system) and join him on the active conference.


  • Auto e-mail to attendees about details of conference when scheduled
  • Supports inbound and outbound meeting
  • For outbound meeting, system will dial all the attendees
  • For inbound meeting, attendee has to dial the Designated number followed by meeting ID and password when prompted. On valid inputs from the attendee, System will add him/her in the meeting.
  • CLID based authenticationM
  • Multiple/unlimited attempts to Attendees in case of outbound meeting if the attendee does not join in first attempt
  • Supports recording of meeting conversation
  • Play notification alert before time up. Repeat notification at every minutes
  • Play notification on attendee joining and leaving the meeting
  • Mute/unmute any attendee through Console
  • Attendee can raise hand to speak by dialing a pre-defined code. Administrator can grant access through Console.
  • Meeting duration extension through Web Console
  • Moderator can dial a number through web console for any external person to join the meeting while the meeting is going on.
  • If required, Moderator can forcibly disconnect an attendee through web consol.